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Shaffer & Associates

Service, is a way of life for Shaffer & Associates with:

- Personalized client services - Competitive contingency fees
- No hidden charges - Unlimited reporting options
- Bad check recovery - Information Security conscious
Letter Writing: Shaffer & Associates will send a collection letter series to each of your accounts, professionally designed and written to bring in payments quickly.
Credit Bureau Reporting: Shaffer & Associates provides credit reporting at no cost to the client. This tactic is an excellent long-term strategy for debt collecting.
Phone Collections: Shaffer & Associates' phone collectors are highly trained and well paid professionals, reflecting our high success rate and every call is live. Our phone campaigns run over 70 hours per week, making sure your accounts get the attention they deserve.
Skip-Tracing: Shaffer & Associates in-house service enables us to find lost debtors as well as employment information.
Reporting Capabilities: Shaffer & Associates provides you a monthly check and trust statement from any funds recovered on any of your accounts during the previous month. We can provide you a status report of your accounts at any time, just call.
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