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Post-Judgment Remedies

Many clients come to S&A with a basket full of court judgments that they have already obtained over the years. Unfortunately most, if not all, of the amounts awarded are still not paid. This certainly skips a few of the steps in conventional collection procedures, but court judgments are among the most challenging of collection placements.

These debtors have ignored the pre-charge-off collection efforts, and the post-charge-off collection efforts. They have ignored a sheriff's deputy on their doorstep with a summons, as well as a judge's order to pay. They may have even quit a job once a garnishment started. In short, we have our work cut out for us.

As a result, we do charge a premium for post-judgment remedies, that being 50% but we front all costs along the way so that you still pay nothing unless we recover your money.

We front all costs along the way
so you pay nothing unless we recover your money.

Just as an example, a Southern Missouri bank gave us a judgment against both a husband and wife, whom we tracked to Kentucky. Both were working and both were confirmed, but the judgment was over nine years old. We first paid a Missouri attorney to renew the judgment, then paid a Kentucky attorney to domesticate it into that state. Finally, we paid for three court garnishments, two for employers and one for a bank. Then the debtors filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. We lost $1400, the client spent nothing, because that's the way it works.

If you own one or more court judgments, regardless of what state they were obtained in, we will make every attempt to track down the debtor(s), confirm their employment, bank account(s), or assets, and take things from them until you are paid off. We will, on occasion, after confirming employment, simply call them at work and ask, "Would you rather we garnish your wages, or do you wish to enter an automated payment plan?"

This approach is very powerful, and has had very positive results to date. But if they fall off the wagon, they know what the consequences are.

With judgment debtors, communication is optional (for us). They dictated the terms of our relationship long before we came on the scene as a party to the transaction. Our objective is to recover your money. The process is not always pretty to look at, but the results are worth the cost.

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