Service is a way of life for Shaffer & Associates, with:
  - Personalized client relations - Competitive contingency fees
  - No hidden charges - Nationwide collection coverage
  - Bad check recovery - Information Security conscious
  - Litigation / Skiptracing services - Unlimited reporting options
Letter Writing: Shaffer & Associates will send a collection letter series to each of your accounts, professionally designed and written to bring in payments quickly.
Credit Bureau Reporting: Shaffer & Associates provides credit reporting at no cost to the client. This is an excellent long-term strategy for debt collecting.
Phone Collections: Shaffer & Associates phone collectors are highly trained and highly motivated professionals who make sure your accounts get the attention they deserve. Our phone campaigns run over 70 hours per week.
Skip-Tracing: Shaffer & Associates in-house service enables us to find lost debtors as well as employment information for a successful lawsuit, if that becomes necessary.
Legal Services: Shaffer & Associates is linked to a complete array of legal services, enabling you to avoid all the paperwork and hassle that accompany legal action against debtors.
Reporting Capabilities: Shaffer & Associates provides you a monthly check and trust statement for any funds recovered on any of your accounts during the previous month.